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10 Tips To Increase Productivity in 2023

Do you ever spend ALL day working on different tasks and responsibilities, just to find out in the end that you didn't get much accomplished? Have you ever had a ton of things that you needed to do, but never seem to make any real progress on them? Trust me, many of us in society are experiencing that same problem.

Productivity is a factor that helps us measure how successful we are in completing our tasks and reaching our goals. The only thing is that, productivity is something that a lot of people struggle with. If we can all find a way to increase our productivity, we can accomplish more in our day and also feel very happy about reaching some of our goals. Lucky for you, I have 10 very amazing tips that will help you increase your productivity and accomplish more in your life. Let's get into them!

Productivity is Key

Here are 10 AMAZING Tips to Increase Your Productivity in 2023

Tip #1 - Do the Hardest Thing First

I am VERY confident that it is in most people’s DNA to do the quick and easy tasks before conquering the hard tasks. Little do we know, getting our hard tasks out of the way first can provide a major relief to our stress and even motivate us as we continue on throughout our day. So stop running away from those hard and scary tasks, let's knock them out so that we can tackle the little tasks with ease!

Tip #2 - Time Blocking

It’s completely normal to have a very busy schedule each day. Often-times, there is just so much to do that we end up not being able to really dig into our most important tasks. Time Blocking can serve as a very useful tactic in being more productive during the day. Setting a predetermined hour aside to get some work done may actually be way more beneficial to you than doing bits and pieces all throughout the day. Working sporadically normally leaves us more overwhelmed and also disappointed when we realize that we ultimately made very little progress on our projects. Setting a dedicated amount of time to the side to work on things allows us to function with more focus and less stress. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!

Tip #3 - Set Small Goals

Looking at large tasks can make us feel intimidated and stressed as we think about how our job is going to take a much longer time to complete. One great idea to increase productivity is to Set Small Goals. If you break your big task up into small milestones, you allow yourself a way to breathe in between goals and also create an environment where you are successfully completing your tasks in a timely manner.

Tip #4 - Set Boundaries

It is always a good thing to lend a helping hand or to take different opportunities that may boost your career, but don’t forget that it is also important to set boundaries on your time. In order to really be productive and effective, it is important to get your tasks done in a timely manner. Sometimes accepting too many opportunities to help or complete a task could make it harder for YOU to get your goals completed. To avoid the chance of being overwhelmed and to seriously increase your productivity, start setting some boundaries around your time and see how things change for the better.

Tip #5 - Delegate Responsibilities

This can be beneficial in both a home or a work environment. When the tasks in a project are delegated to different people, it allows for the work to get done more quickly than one person doing it on their own. Not to mention, some people may be skilled and can get some things done VERY quickly! When you delegate responsibilities, you will notice how much more time will be left, enabling you to work on other high-priority tasks that you have been meaning to get completed.

Tip #6 - Identify When You Are Most Productive

It really is crazy how the world works. Some of us have more energy and are the most productive early in the morning and some of us are the most productive at night. It could be extremely helpful to find out when YOU are most productive during the day. Once you identify those “peak” times, you can schedule your day accordingly, allowing yourself to gain a significant increase in productivity for your daily routine.

Tip #7 - Try the 5 Minute Rule

What is known as the ‘5 Minute Rule’ is a very useful technique that can help decrease procrastination and increase productivity. Most of us are heavy procrastinators when it comes to completing small tasks, but this procrastination causes us to waste more time that we could be putting towards another task. Try setting a goal for 5 minutes for focus time or work time. We all have 5 minutes that we can sacrifice towards a project. In five minutes you can actually get an impressive amount of work completed in regards to your task or project. And the best part is that a lot of times, after the 5 minutes is up, we still have motivation left over that pushes us to keep working and get more accomplished. I’m telling you .. this technique is very helpful! Give the ‘5 Minute Rule’ a try!

Tip #8 - Limit Your Distractions

I know what you’re thinking… In this world of endlessly advancing technology, it can feel impossible to completely limit the distractions around you. But it is something that we can train ourselves to get in the habit of doing. We can start first by turning our phone on airplane mode or do not disturb in hopes of eliminating those distracting notifications. Also, try working in short sprints; remove all distractions from the area like phones, TV, social media, EVERYTHING… and work for short periods of time like 15-30 minutes so that you can have a dedicated time of focus while you get some work done. You’ll be surprised how much more work you can complete when you remove the distractions from around you!

Tip #9 - Be Sure to Take Breaks (But not too many)

I know we are talking about how to be MORE productive, but there is actually a secret behind taking breaks. When you take a quick break during your work schedule, it actually helps to increase productivity, while decreasing stress. When you utilize a short rest period, you will feel refreshed and re-motivated when you start back work. Let your mind have a rest, go outside and take a deep breath, make sure to get those breaks, just don’t take advantage of it by having more breaks than time for work.

Tip #10 - Stop Multitasking

Naturally, you would think that multitasking allows us to get more done in a shorter time period. While multitasking may seem convenient for some people, it often proves to not give the best results. Focusing on one task at a time allows you to put your best foot forward by delivering the output required for your tasks or projects. And also while working on one thing at a time, you give yourself the opportunity to successfully execute on one task and then seamlessly move on to your next task in a timely manner. It sounds to me like efficiency is the best option for increasing productivity! You try it out and tell me what YOU think!


Well there you have it, a complete master plan on what YOU can do to increase your daily productivity. It's a huge thing to be able to end each day knowing that you put your best foot forward. By using these 10 tips, you will give yourself an amazing opportunity to make major progress towards your goals each day.

If these tips prove to be beneficial to you, be sure to leave a comment on this post and share with us your testimony on how you have seen and increase in productivity within your personal life. There is nothing better than being able to witness how your advice for change, can seriously help someone else in a major way. And don't forget to share this post with your friends so that we can hear all about how these 10 helped them in THEIR daily lives. Always remember to KEEP PUSHING, KEEP FIGHTING, and NEVER GIVE UP. If you always believe in yourself, then you will ALWAYS come out on top!

Keep Focus, Stay Productive, and You Will Be Victorious


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